The threats that confront the security and freedom of Americans are not receding—nor is the need for U.S. global leadership. On the contrary, the dangers to our country, and the values we stand for, are growing more complex and challenging.

America’s actions and decisions in the years ahead will determine in large measure the kind of century this will be: whether the democracy, prosperity, and peace that our nation has done so much to defend and advance around the world is preserved and expanded; or if the forces of extremism, instability, and authoritarianism become ascendant.

Working with like-minded Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, BCAS seeks to ensure that America offers the strong, principled leadership that is needed to safeguard our future.

Among other things, BCAS will fight to:

• Prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and the spread of the world’s most dangerous weapons to our most dangerous enemies

• Defeat terrorist groups and the ideologies that sustain them

• Distinguish between friends and enemies – and act accordingly

• Protect America’s strength by keeping our military the most vibrant in the world.

Because America is still the last, best hope for a free, secure, and prosperous world, our singular goal is to ensure that America remains the most powerful nation in the world.  This is a mission around which Americans of all political stripes can unite.

BCAS’ guiding mission principles:

• Protecting America’s security and freedom at home, standing up for democracy and human rights abroad, and promoting economic growth and prosperity for all;

• Calling for strong and principled American leadership around the world;

• Building and maintaining effective, resilient alliances and partnerships around the globe;

• Ensuring robust funding of the U.S. national security budget, including defense, intelligence, and foreign assistance;

Through both broad, general education efforts as well as specific, active engagement with concerned fellow citizens who strongly believe these same principles and join this effort, BCAS will give voice to the millions of Americans who understand that a strong defense and a smart foreign policy are the greatest hope to preserve the freedom and security we all hold so dear.  In addition, BCAS will support political leaders, without regard to political party, who share our vision and principles.

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